Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lily May Caitlin...

Born at 2:42am on 18th Feb 2009 - weighing 7lbs 4oz - Lily May Caitlin.

After a relatively short, but awkward labour where Tee had developed back pains during the contractions (as Lily was facing the wrong way round) Lily was born naturally albeit in the Operating Theatre whilst being prepped for a C-Section.

Lily had got herself distressed although Tee had managed to get herself 6cm dilated before we got to the hospital (for the second time after being sent home earlier in the afternoon!).

That distress meant that Tee had to go upto the last few contractions without any pain relief (bar a couple of puffs on the Gas and Air). So a lot of time was spent trying to attach probes to the babies head to monitor the level of distress - and all of a sudden there she was fully dilated!

A normal birth was tried (three pushes in the labour room) before Tee was moved to the Theatre to prep for a C-Section. A Spinal was inserted for pain relief and again a natural birth was attempted whilst the C-Section was still considered.

With the help of a small cut and the use of forcepts Lily May Caitlin was delivered by a team of about 9 doctors, nurses, midwifes and theatre technicians. I looked around the room to see my taxes for the last few years being very well spent to deliver my new baby daughter...who was then whisked away to be cleaned up and checked over before being placed into my arms by Tee's head.

Mum was allowed to recover and deliver the placenta and get some stitches whilst Lily and myself were taken to the recovery room. Where I fell in love all over again...with mum and daughter. And had a bit of a cry...


At 1:29 PM , Blogger gemmak said...

Lovely post and congratulations again to both of you :o)

At 9:57 AM , Blogger geeklawyer said...

Awwww Sweeeet! Congarts. You must be a happy man: despite absence of sleep.


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